Who we are

Tyra Hairston, Owner


Tyra Hairston has a diverse background that encompasses claims processing, provider network management, provider relations, report development, and application design.  She has had a life long dream to start and publish her own magazine. Tyra decided that she wanted to go where her passion as been leading her for years. With Tyra's love for writing poetry and creating her own book, she knew that her vision could be seen by others. As a pillar in the gay entertainment community this is a great avenue to demonstrate her skills. 

FJ Alexander, Chief Editor


FJ Alexander is originally from South Carolina and has been editing for years. She received her MBA from the University of West Georgia and also holds a Master of Public Administration from Walden University. FJ is also an author and writes under the name Adiva Williams in which she edited and self-published her first book – Memoirs of the Beautifully Insane. She also provides editing services to other writers. FJ currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her wife and daughter.


DeShonna Watson

From Ohio

DeShonna Watson is freelance writer currently residing in Ohio. She has written for several online magazine publications and now contributes to Outloud Magazine on a monthly basis.

Ellen Ricks


Ellen Ricks is a writer and advocate. Her work has appeared in Teen Vogue, The Mary Sue, Ravishly, Bustle, among others. She frequently writes about mental health, LGBTQ+, and pop culture. Follow her puns on twitter  @WithLove_Ellen

Emily Ludolf


Emily Ludolf studied English at the University of Oxford. She attended Wadham College, the largest LGBTQ community in Oxford and now campaigns for LGBTQ rights around the world. 

Emma Murphy


Emma is a queer British freelance writer specializing in politics, travel and entertainment. Barack Obama (yes, that one) follows her on Twitter and she’s never been sure why. She takes her coffee seriously and wears odd socks because life’s too short.

Elizabeth "Izzy" Wilson


Izzy Wilson is a former ministerial candidate and student of Indiana Wesleyan University.  She continued to study religion and philosophy at Western Kentucky University and currently resides in Morehead, KY.

Rick Bettencourt


Rick Bettencourt is the director and vice president for the Florida Writers Association and the author of several LGBTQ+-themed novels including Summerwind Magick, Building Us, Tim on Broadway and Marketing Beef. He can be reached on Twitter @rbettenc or through his website rickbettencourt.com.

Additional writers

Shelia Kirksey


Shelia Kirksey resides in Dallas, TX with her wife and daughter. She enjoys traveling, spending time with family and is an avid sports fan. She is a licensed clinical social worker and works for a local nonprofit foster care and adoption agency. 

Veronica Felipe


Veronica Felipe is an alumni of southern New Hampshire University with a degree in English language and English Literature. She is currently seeking a MFA in poetry. She is working on publishing a book of poetry. She is also looking to teach creative writing. She lives in southern California and has 5 dogs and considers herself a vegetarian.